Stainless Steel 18/10

The raw material base of Riva is the stainless steel 18/10. This number is the quality seal of riva objects, and refer to the metal composition: 18% chromium and approximately 10% nickel. the oxygen, when combined with chromium forms a thin oxide layer on its surface, which gives the stainless steel a high resistance to corrosion. Therefore, the better the polishing of a workpiece the more its surface is in contact with air and consequently more resistant to oxidation.

Gold 24k

Symbol of purity, royalty and exclusivity, the term "24 carats" is a measure agreed to categorize the purest gold. It is in Riva's own workshops that the objects are gold plated, which makes possible the attention and special care of the craftsmen in each piece that receives the finishing.


The entire silver line of Riva receives 3 bath covers. Following the strictest quality standards required in major international markets such as France, Greece and Lebanon, each piece with a silver finish receives, first, a layer of alkaline copper, then a layer of 20 microns of nickel to finally deposit the Silver layer of 12 microns over copper and nickel.

Nocc 24k

The art of shaping objects

In every beat craftman marks the metal through his strength, creating shapes and art. His tool, the hammer, is one of the most primitive made by human. Inpired by the art of shaping objects, Riva created the Nocc Collection. The details of the objects refer to the craft production combined with the luxury of 24K gold. 

The 24 K gold

Symbol of purity, royalty and exclusivity the 24 carat is a measure agreed to categorize the most pure gold existing. It is Riva workshops that the objects are gold plated, which makes possible the special attention of craftsmen for each piece that receives the finish.



The beauty of black unites with the elegance of Riva's objects. Carbon is a special coating with a glossy black hue that translates Riva's luxury and sophistication into a new color.


Titanium Gold


A touch of gold on your desk. A unique finish: titanium in the gold version, non-toxic and anti-allergic, made with the highest technology. Easy to clean and ultra resistant to corrosion and scratches, the resistance of this treatment is so great that it is used in the aeronautics industry and also in the protection of rocket panels. In the case of cutlery and objects, they result in pieces that never change color or fade, are very resistant to scratching and corrosion, easier to clean and 100% safe in contact with food.


Frozen Finish


The objects with the unique Silver Frozen Finish, go through a special process developed by riva to gain the amazing velvety feel they have, then the pieces are traditionally silver, receiving 3 baths which give the final look and quality impeccable.

Stainless Steel

Inox is a metal alloy far superior to ordinary steel. The material has high resistance to impact, heat and corrosion.

Stainless Steel 316

The raw material for this product is 316 Stainless Steel. It is the quality seal of Riva's parts. The stainless steel used has a high resistance to corrosion.