Filo Collezione was born from the meeting of the Italian tailoring of the brothers Davide and Gabriele Adriano, Adriano Design of Italy, with Brazilian design, by Rubens Simões, creative director of Riva. "When we visit Riva for the first time," the brothers tell us, "we breathe a familiar air. An air typical of the best Italian tailors, where clothes are developed and made to measure".

               The ability of Riva’s workshops to manipulate the stainless stell made them think that metal sheets are simple pieces of fabric, ready to be cut and sewn: "For this reason, when Rubens Simões asked us for our interpretation of Riva for a new collection, we work the steel as if it were a fabric, a cloth, and we think of Riva as a fashion atelier. We began to work a line of objects that could counteract the idea of ​​hard steel with the language of tailoring - soft and docile, able to dress to size. " From this concept comes the 'conductive thread', the one that sews all objects from the new Riva line of objects, the Filo Collection.

               Filo Collezione is born along with a new nature of modular objects, among fruit bowls, snack holder and cheese holder, allowing a huge combination of objects and styles and the extension of Riva's partnership with the Brothers Adriano, who have already signed for the award-winning brand Angiolina Spaghetti.